Jacinta’s Story- My Liposuction Journey

I am a 66 year-old female, weight 79kgs, height: 5’1.  I was diagnosed about two years ago with Lymphodema, right leg possibly secondary to a fractured ankle. The Lymphodema nurse at the clinic also diagnosed stage 2 Lipoedema.  I have a history of multiple health issues.

I was given the names of a few consultants in the U.K. who were specialists in this area. I consulted with two- Dr Gunta (Harley Street) and Dr Anne Dancey (Spire Hospital Birmingham).

Dr Gunta refused to take me as I have a complicated medical history. Dr Dancey was happy to operate. She said that I would require three operations. I declined this offer as there was not an ITU at the private  hospital. It was essential in my opinion that I had immediate access to one as I have known health issues which put me at a higher risk.

I then researched and contacted/Skype surgeons in some German clinics. The Hanse Klinik refused me due to increase risk factor. I also was in touch with Dr Frank Labschies @ med-plast.

I had a consultation via Skype with Dr Dobler at that clinic. He also was unhappy to take me as a patient. He referred me to Dr Ghods at Kinikum Ernst Von Bergman Potsdam. This was a public hospital that had a HDU and ITU facility. 

I travelled to Potsdam for a consultation. They agreed to operate (two operations), front of legs and three months later the back of legs. Three days as an inpatient. They required me to stay in Potsdam until the stitches were removed and saw me as an outpatient several times post operatively. I had amazing care from the team, doctors and nurses, while I was an inpatient and during follow up appointments. I did not incur any complications during surgery and made an excellent recovery post operatively on both occasions, in fact three days following the second operation I walked for two miles and continued to do so until I was discharged 11 days later. There was a Lymphodema clinic very close to the clinic, which I attended every day while in Potsdam.  They were excellent. I also bought two pairs of compression thighs made to measure from a shop in the same building. 

The hospital was very easy to travel to from Berlin Airport-direct train.

Hospital accommodation was offered for my husband and myself for the duration of our stay. We opted to stay in a lovely apartment block on the lakeside which was walking distance to the hospital.  

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Ghods and his team, especially for those with Lipoedema who are either high risk or in the advanced stages.

Leg measurements PRIOR to surgery:  


Right Leg:

Thigh: 67cm,

knee:  45cm,

calf:  37cm

ankle: not measured.

Left leg:

Thigh:  65cm,

knee:  47cm,

Calf:  38cm

Ankle: not measured

Leg measurements 3 weeks following first surgery:  9 litres removed, weight 69kg (loss (10kgs)). 03/08/2019

Front of legs (full).

Right leg:

Thigh:  56cm

Knee:  37cm

Calf:  not operated on

Ankle:  28cm-pre op measurements not taken.

Left leg:

Thigh:  57cm

Knee:  37cm

Calf:  not operated on

Ankle:  27cm-pre op measurements not taken.

Second operation 17/10/2019-back of legs (full). 8 litres removed.  Weight loss 2kgs. 


Right leg:

Thigh:  55cm

Knee:  35cm

Calf:  33cm

Ankle:  25cm (lymphodema stage 1).

Left leg:

Thigh:  56cm

Knee:  36cm

Calf:  33cm

Ankle:  24cm

Ankles tend to fluctuate from 23cm to 25cm.

TOTAL LOSS following both surgeries.

Right leg:

Thigh: 12cm

Knee:  10cm

Calf:  4cm

Ankle: +/- 4cm

Left Leg:

Thigh:  9cm

Knee:  11cm

Calf:  5cm

Ankle:  +/-4cm

Total weight loss 12 Kgs