Lipoedema UK’s mission is to educate all doctors and healthcare professionals to recognise and diagnose Lipoedema, so everyone with Lipoedema receives appropriate treatments and care.

Our team members know what it is like to live with Lipoedema, as most of us do too. Find out how you can get help, get involved and together with us, make a change.

Lipoedema Stories

Read about many women’s experiences with Lipoedema, their struggles with misdiagnosis and their mission to make a change.


Impressed by you

Is a truly remarkable book by Els Brouwer and Joyce Bosman from NLNet, the Dutch network of people with lymphoedema and lipoedema. Els and Joyce wanted to break the taboo and show […]

Do You Experience The Following Symptoms?

Excess weight on your legs

Heaviness and discomfort of the legs

Your upper body and lower body are completely different sizes making clothes shopping very difficult

You have a small waist, but large hips and thighs

Your excess weight does not include your feet or hands

You can lose weight from your upper body but not your lower

Your lower body bruises easily

Some members of your family are or were a similar shape

You may have a medical condition called Lipoedema

Lipoedema (also spelt Lipedema in the USA),  is a chronic condition that makes you accumulate fat below the waist, often giving you hips, buttocks and legs that are out of proportion with your upper body. It can also affect your arms.

78% of women with Lipoedema who took part in Lipoedema UK Big Survey 2014 developed symptoms between the ages of 18-25 but only 7% received a diagnosis at that time.  Most took decades to realise they had Lipoedema as they were constantly dismissed by the medical profession and told that the excess fat ‘was their own fault’.

No one knows exactly how many women have lipoedema but as the vast majority of doctors and nurses aren’t trained to recognise lipoedema, many women go their whole lives without obtaining a diagnosis.


What do I do if I think I have Lipoedema?

Join our charity Lipoedema UK. Obtaining a diagnosis is an important first step to working with your GP for support and the resources you need to keep lipoedema under control.   

Many women with Lipoedema lead full and active lives, but it can also lead to a lack of confidence, reduction in mobility and become very debilitating.

Eating a well balanced diet to avoid putting on unnecessary weight is an important part in managing lipoedema. Avoiding carbs, processed foods and artificial additives helps many people with Lipoedema keep their weight under control. 

Keeping fit and mobile is essential.  Choose low impact exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling or stretching and keeping fit at home to tone and strengthen muscles. Avoid putting excess pressure on your knees and legs and sitting still for long periods at a desk or in front of the TV.

We recommend that you make an appointment with your GP, and prepare for your appointment by listing your symptoms and the affect they have on your life. You may find it useful to take along photos of how it has developed over the years along with photos of other members of your family who may or may not have lipoedema.

Made to measure compression garments are often advised for patients with advanced lipoedema – but it is essential that they are prescribed by a practice nurse or health care pratitioner familiar with the differences between lymphoedema and lipoedema.  Off the shelf compression garments are usually only suitable for early stage lipoedema. 

As most GPs and practice nurses are currently unaware of Lipoedema, it is advisable to take along information on the Royal College of GPs e learning course on lipoedema.

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