Launching Our New Survey!

Living with Lipoedema – Liposuction and other treatments.

What are your views on Non-cosmetic Liposuction as a surgical treatment for lipoedema? Is this something that you have considered or undergone? We need you to share your views and experiences of living with Lipoedema, Liposuction and other Treatments.

Please help by completing the survey by Friday 21st May.



Almost every application for NHS funding for non-cosmetic liposuction to date, has been turned down.

Are you one of the growing number of people who have paid for privately for liposuction – either in the UK or abroad?

Has your planned liposuction surgery been delayed by Covid?

Do you believe you would benefit from non-cosmetic surgery but don’t have the funds?

We need you ALL to take part in Lipoedema UK’s latest survey.

The responses to our survey will be used by Lipoedema UK in their work to raise awareness of Lipoedema and of the good practice that exist and the areas where there are gaps in services provided to people with Lipoedema.

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) have invited Lipoedema UK to provide an organisational submission to share the views and experiences of women with Lipoedema. 

Your participation will help us respond to the proposed NICE Interventional Procedure Guidance Non-cosmetic Liposuction in the treatment of Lipoedema IP1843.

All personally identifiable information will be kept confidential. We may publish excerpts from this research/present it at conferences etc but it will not identify any individual respondents and will not share any information that could identify individual respondents to any other organisation.

You can change individual answers, pause and resume the survey up to the time you complete and submit the survey at the very end. 

Thank you for your participation:  

“Together we will beat Lipoedema”

If living with Lipoedema and completing this survey has had a significant impact on your mental health, the below resources are here to help. 
Samaritans- Call 116 123, email or visit their website
Further information on psychological support.

Visit the NICE Lipoedema Topic Page

Who can participate?

Members and non-members of Lipoedema UK who have considered or undergone non-cosmetic liposuction treatment privately or through the NHS. Your response will help shape new national guidelines for Non-cosmetic Liposuction in the treatment of Lipoedema and raise the profile of the condition.

We would also welcome you sharing your story of living with Lipoedema and your
experiences of non- cosmetic Liposuction.

For more information on Non-cosmetic liposuction for Lipoedema please visit this page