The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) Interventional Procedures Guidance : non – cosmetic liposuction in the treatment of chronic lipoedema. IP1843

The NICE Draft Guidance Interventional Procedures Guidance: non-cosmetic liposuction in the treatment of chronic liposuction IP1843 is now under review and the final interventional procedures document is due to be published on March 16th 2022

For the latest information on the process follow the link below:

  NICE Lipoedema IP1843

Lipoedema UK 2021 Survey – Living With Lipoedema- Liposuction and Other Treatments

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2021 Survey Living with Lipoedema, Liposuction and other Treatments. We had an overwhelming response from 933 patient with Lipoedema.  

The 756 responses to our survey who said they lived in Great Britain and Northern Ireland provided the data for Lipoedema UK’s response to NICE below. 

If living with Lipoedema or completing our survey has had a significant impact on your mental health, the resources below are available to help. 
Samaritans- Call 116 123, email or visit their website