Sharie Fetzer Chair Lipoedema UK

When we launched Lipoedema UK in 2012, it was as difficult to get a diagnosis as in 1940 when Allen and Hines from the Mayo Clinic in California wrote the first medical paper describing Lipoedema.
Yet in 2014, (and on very limited resources) Lipoedema UK  launched a ground breaking elearning course with the Royal College of GPs (RCGPs) and ran our second AGM in their London headquarters.

This year, Lipoedema UK’s conference in Reading featured international experts who are leading the way with treatments for lipoedema including specialist liposuction techniques which transform peoples lives, giving back mobility and a quality of life that lipoedema can often destroy.

Our aim is to ensure that all GPs and health care professionals recognise and diagnose Lipoedema and find effective treatments and cure for all patients

The challenge is to identify the treatments that really work.  At Lipoedema UK we are determined to ensure that people with lipoedema are given the best available advice from reliable sources along with encouraging new research.

We are proud to be associated with The British Lymphology Society, Professor Peter Mortimer and St Georges Hospital, the Lymphoedema Support Network(LSN), MLD UK and the many UK Lymphoedema nurses and therapists who understand the need for change and help for people suffering from lipoedema.

Lipoedema is a hidden condition causing distress and pain to millions of women worldwide, it is almost certain that everyone knows  someone with lipoedema, a friend or colleague on endless diets whose legs and lower body only seem to get bigger.

Lipoedema UK are still a small team, operating on very limited resources, membership is open to all and  your support is essential to move things forward.

Please donate or become a member of Lipoedema UK.

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To share your thoughts about how you can help:, email info@lipoedema.co.uk