The disabled women being denied NHS fat-removal for Lipoedema

Rachel Pugh has wrote this amazing article for to further raise awareness of Lipoedema and the need for Liposuction on the NHS. 

Lorna Taggart swims five times a week, follows a strict diet and does intermittent fasting, but despite her constant efforts her legs have grown so large below the waist that she has just been measured for a wheelchair to help her get around. 

Although Lipoedema is recognised and widely treated surgically in parts of Europe, only one surgeon – Dundee-based Alex Munnoch – provides it on the NHS for advanced Lipoedema on medical grounds.

Lipoedema UK have been working for many months on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) Review to have Liposuction provided on the NHS for patients with Lipoedema. NICE meet this week to consider the consultation evidence for providing liposuction on the NHS (a different procedure from that used for obesity). A decision will be made in October.

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