Lipoedema UK meet with the Skin All Party Parliamentary Group – 24th July 2019

Skin APPG Meeting

The Lipoedema UK team represented by Angela and pictured above Caroline, Suzanne and Kate in Westminster after our afternoon meeting with the Skin All Party Parliamentary Group

Thank you to everyone who encouraged their MPs to attend or find out more about Lipoedema.

The Skin All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) brings parliamentarians together with a diverse group of charities, healthcare professionals and industry representatives. A number of healthcare professionals in lipoedema have a dermatology background, such as our Patrons Professor Mortimer & Dr Gordon. (Lipoedema is included in “Guidelines” a GP publication & “Guidelines for nurses” in the dermatology section).

Dr Karen Gibbon gave a good briefing on skin and skin care issues. For us as women living with lipoedema it reminded us of the need to find a suitable skin care routine and the group discussed issues on emolument prescribing after a recent NHS consultation. There are different additives and formulations so it is very individual as to what cream is best for each person, and we all probably need to use a greater quality of moisturiser than we think. Moisturising regularly can reduce flare ups of skin conditions and should be regarded as a preventative action.

Dr Angelika Razzaque of the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS) who also presented at this meeting has invited Dr Kristiana Gordon to speak about Lipoedema at their September meeting in London, at which Lipoedema UK will also be exhibiting.

Silk garments were also discussed as the prescription of these is also being restricted which impacts managing inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Silk can be helpful as a liner under compression, both making it easier to slide garments on and to wick away sweat so if you are struggling in this heat maybe try pure silk pants or silk foot/knee/thigh high socks for feet/back of knees.

We look forward to sharing information about future events happening in Parliament.

Together we can make a difference for people living with lipoedema