Everyone should try and manage their condition in the normal way, eating healthily, keeping as mobile as possible and exercising where/how they can (online, and YouTube exercise and Yoga and Pilates sessions maybe particularly helpful). 
We appreciate that self-isolation may be especially challenging for many with lipoedema, but try and stay calm and follow your national NHS guidelines that are updated on a daily basis. The following websites may also be of use:
If you wear compression garments, for either lipoedema or lymphoedema, try and make them last as long as possible by caring for them following the garment manufacturers washing instructions. Most garments can be machine washed at 40 degrees on a gentle wash and then air dried thoroughly before use. Garments should stay in peak condition for between 4-6 months if handled with care. Sadly many lymphoedema clinics have had to close during this pandemic, but if you are in urgent need, do try calling them to check. Alternatively, a repeat prescription of your last garment may be possible (as long as your limb shape and size has not changed too much). 
Lipoedema UK would like to give our thanks and utmost support to the multitude of selfless heroes working under great pressure in the NHS, primary care, and supporting and essential services, especially our outstanding team of medical advisors, nurse consultants and lymphoedema teams around the UK.
And our hearts go out to all those suffering from Coronavirus and their families.