Lip UK Pain Survey

We are happy to share with you a new Survey and Research Study on Pain in Women With Lipoedema in the UK.

This is being conducted by Dr. Chee-Wee Tan (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Dr. Anne Williams (Queen Margaret University). The study is being carried out by Fiona Rankin and Isabella Sedgwick for the award of an M.Sc. (Pre-Registration) in Physiotherapy.

”Pain is a major issue experienced by women with lipoedema, however, we currently have an incomplete picture of the characteristics and impact of lipoedema-related pain. We are interested in finding out about the pain characteristics, intensity, patterns, impact, and quality of life in women with lipoedema. As this is a new area of research, it will help to direct the future of lipoedema research. ”

Full details of the survey plus the commitment involved and background information can be found on the the link below: