Investigating the experiences of physically disabled people toward teleworking practices

Betsy Lake of Loughborough University is looking for participants to help with her dissertation research project, ‘Investigating the experiences of physically disabled people toward teleworking practices’, located in the Social Model of Disability. 

Her research aims to explore, through 30–60-minute interviews over Microsoft Teams, the experiences (needs, barriers, facilitators, benefits, disadvantages, etc.,) of physically disabled teleworkers based in the UK. This study is highly required at this time due to very limited research being done in this area to date. While employers are restructuring work practices in the long-term in response to Covid-19, and with predictions that a hybrid model of work is likely the future, it is essential to gather data on how physically disabled workers negotiate telework, so their experiences are considered. It is her intention that the findings of this research could drive further studies in this neglected area as well as offer practical insights and recommendations for accessible and inclusive teleworking practices and policies to support better employment outcomes of physically disabled people and improve the teleworking experiences for all.  
If you would like to contribute to this study please contact