Impressed by you

Is a truly remarkable book by Els Brouwer and Joyce Bosman from NLNet, the Dutch network of people with lymphoedema and lipoedema.


Els and Joyce wanted to break the taboo and show that you are allowed to be beautiful with lipoedema or lymphoedema.  In the 28 impressive personal portraits,  patients tell their story of how they deal with it together with a loved one or someone who is closely involved with them, such as a partner, mother, child, sister or therapist.  All have one thing in common,  lipoedema and lymphoedema always come uninvited into your life.   The stories are very varied, and feature children, teenagers, women and men. The reader learns what lymphoedema and lipoedema involve and the effect the diseases can have on one’s life. But the book offers more. It provides background information and an introduction by Dr Robert J. Damstra. In this way, the book becomes more than just a book of beautiful photographs. It is a work of reference.