Groundbreaking Australian Research- Stem Cells and Lipoedema

New Australian research findings are consistent with the experience of families, discovering that Lipoedema is a condition and not to be compared to obesity.  

Lead by Dr Tara Karnezis and Associate Professor Ramin Shayan, the team found that people with Lipoedema have stem cells that differ from those with normal fat, in almost every way.

They identified a gene involved in cellular growth within the abnormal lipoedema stem cells, which can drive more stem cells to form more fat cells. By introducing drugs that inhibit this gene pathway, the team was then able to block fat stem cell growth to a baseline or ‘normal’ level, showing the potential for treatment.

“For years, I have lived with lipoedema, and been told that diet and exercise was the path to better health,” said Nola Young, Chair Lipoedema Australia. “Now science is starting to explain why I could never curb my body’s excess fat production through lifestyle controls. I am not obese and have a real medical condition that needs treatment.”

“This research is exactly the kind of breakthrough that people like me have been waiting for. It provides renewed hope for me and that my children may not have to suffer the way I have suffered all my life.”