Lipoedema Featured In Daily Mail Health – 27 Sept, 2016

Hitting puberty, what troubled Laura Childs was not her skin, but her legs, which began to balloon completely out of proportion with the rest of her body.

‘It was much more exaggerated than just being pear-shaped,’ recalls Laura, 37, a local authority administrative officer, who lives in Dover with her husband, Dean, 42, a trainee teacher, and their two children Leah, 13, and Oliver, ten. ‘I’d previously been very slim, but over two to three years my legs became up to two dress sizes bigger than my top half.

‘It was weird because I had slim ankles and feet — the fat formed a cuff above the knee and the ankle. The skin on my legs would bruise really easily, too — even if I just scratched an itch, my whole leg would bruise.

My legs also swelled up in the heat and could be quite achy and painful….

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