Lipoedema UK Publication – Practical Guidance for Patients Considering Liposuction as an Option for Managing Lipoedema

This booklet is an essential guide for Lipoedema patients considering liposuction. It is also a reassuring companion throughout the whole process, from choosing the best surgeon for you, how to plan for the best outcomes from your surgery and how to manage your recovery. 

In this publication you will learn about:

Treating Lipoedema
Post-operative expectations
Finding and choosing a surgeon
Practicalities to consider for home and family
Prepare your surgery suitcase
Post–operative do’s and don’ts
Common post-operative symptoms
Managing Lipoedema after liposuction

And much, much more…

As no two patients are the same, anyone contemplating liposuction is advised to research competent surgeons thoroughly, and evaluate the best methods and choices available to them.

Post-operative recovery may require additional treatment and support, so this needs to be factored into decision-making, not least when it comes to costs. Managing expectations is also a vital part of the recovery process.

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