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Lipoedema UK Featured In Health Europa

I was delighted and honoured to get Lipoedema UK featured in the Health Europa Quarterly Issue 04 this month. Below is a quick section of the interview and article. I have […]

Lipoedema featured in the East Anglian Daily Times

In December, 2016 the East Anglian Daily Times carried an article about Lipoedema. In an interview with the publication’s Lynne Mortimer, Ipswich woman Casey Whiting talks about lipoedema. Casey despaired […]


Lipoedema Featured In Daily Mail Health – 27 Sept, 2016

Hitting puberty, what troubled Laura Childs was not her skin, but her legs, which began to balloon completely out of proportion with the rest of her body. ‘It was much […]

Announcing a generous $1.5 million dollar gift for Lipoedema Research

December 2015. The University of Arizona, Tucson, is pleased to announce that they have received a generous donation from Alumna Felicitie Daftaur, in order to aid the study of atypical […]

1st International Symposium on Lipoedema

The 1st International Symposium on Lipoedema, held in New York on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th April 2015 brought together Prof Etelka Foldi from the Foldi Clinic in Germany, Dr […]