PATRON,  Professor Peter M Mortimer MD FRCP    

Professor of  Medicine to St George’s University of London, Consultant Skin Physician to St Georges’s Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK

Professor Peter Mortimer trained in Dermatology in Sheffield and Oxford.  He has been ‘Physician to the Skin Department’ at St George’s and consultant skin physician to the Royal Marsden Hospital since 1986 and as Professor of Dermatological Medicine to the University of London since 2000.   He is a founder of both the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) and British Lymphology Society (BLS) and was appointed the first Clinical Training Fellow in Lymphovascular Medicine in the UK.

PATRON,  Dr Kristiana Gordon  MBBS, MRCP, CLT,  

St George’s Hospital, London.

Dr Kristiana Gordon is a Consultant in Dermatology and Lympho-vascular medicine at St Georges’s Hospital, London.  She has worked with Professor Peter Mortimer and his team since 2006 and is the first doctor in the UK to undertake a Fellowship in Lympho-vascular Medicine.  She has recently completed her doctorate in the field of Lymphoedma and Lipoedema.  Her current research includes understanding more about the genetic abnormalities that may cause Lipoedema. 

TRUSTEE/CHAIR,    Sharie Fetzer

Sharie’s frustration at the lack information on suitable treatments for Lipoedema and her desire for more research into the way it effects every aspect of peoples lives led to Lipoedema UK’s Big Survey 2014.  Her goal is to raise awareness amongst the medical professional to ensure that lipoedema is diagnosed as early as possible for future generations. Sharie is especially proud of working with the Royal College of GP’s (RCGP’s) to develop Lipoedema UK’s and the RCGP’s elearning course on Lipoedema. 

TRUSTEE/TREASURER,  Kate Forster, Chartered MCIPD

Kate was diagnosed with lipoedema in autumn 2015, following the late diagnosis of her mother with lipo-lymphedema, not just lymphoedema. As she grew up, Kate and her family experienced the impact of her mother’s undiagnosed and inappropriately treated lipoedema and lymphoedema; Kate is therefore passionate about increasing access to early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. She had lipoedema surgery in Spring 2016. Kate is currently Vice President, Global Human Resources, for a medical device manufacturer and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Kate also volunteers for several other charities and community groups.

TRUSTEE/FOUNDER,   Suzanne Evans

Suzanne was diagnosed with Lipoedema in May 2011 – 35 years after her symptoms first appeared. The shock of discovering she had a genetic condition and that her long years of dieting had not just been worthless but had almost certainly made her condition worse led Suzanne to work with St George’s hospital to create Lipoedema UK.

TRUSTEE/NURSE CONSULTANT, Kris Jones, RGN, ENB 931, ENB N34, Post Graduate Diploma Lymphoedema Practice. Joint Founder & Manager LymphCare UK

Kris started working in Lymphology in 1998 and is now a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Director of LymphCare UK Community Interest Company the first stand alone Lymphoedema Service to have spun out of the NHS. She has a long established interest in the diagnosis and management of Lipoedema and has been involved in ensuring Lipoedema treatment is recognised within service specifications. She also has experience of living with Lipoedema so brings a personal and clinical perspective. Kris is a respected trainer on compression and treatments for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema.

NURSE CONSULTANT, Mary Warrilow, RGN, BSc (Hons), QN, Joint Founder, Managing Director & Registered Manager, LymphCare UK

Mary has varied nursing experience including 23 years nursing years working in the Community setting as a District Nurse and Primary Care Matron before specialising in Lymphoedema. Mary was Joint Founder and Managing Director of LymphCare UK a nurse led Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise based in the West Midlands that provides comprehensive lipoedema and lymphoedema management. Mary has won a number of nursing awards including the title ‘Queens Nurse’ from the Queens Nursing Institute (QNI) and is passionate about raising the profile and access to services and treatments for patients with lipoedema and lymphoedema. Mary now works as an independent Nurse advisor for Lymphoedema and Lipoedema and provides specialist advice for many of Lipoedema UK’s medical enquiries.