Lipoedema UK’s Conference 2016

A huge success –


Thank you to all who attended!

 A summary report of the conference is available by clicking here


Photos from the 2016 Conference


Lipoedema UK 2016 Conference

June 24-26, 2016

Hilton Hotel, Reading & Circle Hospital, Reading UK

Lipoedema UK’s 2016 programme brought together leading international experts on surgical options for lipoedema. It provided a unique opportunity to hear renowned liposuction surgeons discuss their differing methods and results for lipoedema of all stages. Members were also able to book  ‘one to one mini consultation’ with liposuction surgeons from the Hanse-Klinik Germany and for a consultation for a diagnosis/and or compression with Lipoedema UK’s Nurse Consultants.

Specialist liposuction techniques are currently the only treatment proven to reduce the amount of fatty tissue that affects lipoedema patients, improving limb shape and size, reduction of pain – as well as the quality of life for those suffering from this frustrating and debilitating condition.

So far, most Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and insurance companies have refused to fund liposuction on the NHS, classifying it as a cosmetic procedure, Lipoedema UK’s aim in running the conference was to explore the growing evidence of it’s effectiveness for anyone contemplating surgery.

The conference programme  included presentations and by some of the top experts in their fields:

  • Miss Anne Dancey and Mr Alex Munnoch speaking about the surgical options they are offering patients in the UK and the improvements in the lives of their patients
  • Professor Dr. Wilfred Schmeller and his team (Dr Yvonne Frambach and Dr Axel Baumgartner) from the Hanse-klinik Germany  presenting on their method of tumescent liposuction and their long-term results.
  • Dr Harry Voesten’s ground breaking work and experience of operating on severe cases of lipoedema/lymphoedema in the Netherlands.
  • Catherine Seo on a patient’s perspective of WAL liposuction
  • Dr Robert Damstra, physiotherapist Ad Hendrickx and Dr Harry Voesten presented their study comparing conservative treatments for patients with lipoedema to those with obesity and The Dutch Guidelines for the Treatment of Lipoedema
  • Nurse Julie Cunneen presented on her work with Anne Dancey and the use of on pre and post operative compression garments
  • Dr Dirk Pilat (author of Lipoedema UK’s and the Royal College of GPs elearning course on Lipoedema) discussed ways to work with your GP and local clinic with Mary Warrilow and Kris Jones from LymphCare UK – a Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company providing lymphoedema and lipoedema services in Dudley and Sandwell.
  • Unfortunately Linda-Anne Kahn and Mr Alex Munnoch had to withdraw from the programme at short notice.

Lipoedema UK’s Patient Workshop on day 3  featured presentations on the emotional side of lipoedema and the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, a presentation on diet and exercise and the opportunity to try Aqua Therapy and Yoga for lymphatics.