Benefits of Our Nurse Consultant Compression Measuring Services

Made to measure or properly fitted compression stockings can make the world of difference to ladies with lipoedema and lipo-lymphoedema. Badly fitted stockings are often the cause of ladies giving up on wearing compression and ultimately can lead to other complications.

Come and see one of our professional and extremely experienced consultant nurses to be measured accurately and gain advice on the best type of stocking for your shape and stage.  You can see from the photos, lipoedema takes many shapes, so one size / style stocking will not fit all. As part of a group of conservative treatment options, compression can be at the heart of helping you manage your lipoedema.

In a private and confidential consultation, you will be measured and will receive your measurements (be sure to take a copy, so useful for the future), a letter for your doctor and any related codes for them to be ordered via prescription for you.

A personal service with your needs at the heart of it – what more could you ask for?


Lipoedema UK Conference 2017

Workshop Overview Drafts

 I am a trainer and a coach. Through my professional development and personal experience, I have developed a model called M-A-G-I-C.

M-A-G-I-C represents a wide range of creative tools and techniques that create profound positive personal transformation.

I have Lipoedema and my daughters have it too.

I am overjoyed to have this opportunity to share some M-A-G-I-C at the Lipoedema UK Conference, October 2017.

These Ed Sheeran lyrics are so true:

‘Life isn’t just about fitting in your jeans, it’s about love and understanding and positivity’.

This is where the M-A-G-I-C begins!

 M-A-G-I-C Mindfulness Workshop

Have you been wondering what Mindfulness is all about?

Then this is your opportunity to come and find out!

This mini Mindfulness workshop is packed with lots of practical techniques that can be easily and effortlessly included in to any busy life.

The activities demonstrated in this session will help you increase your awareness of your body, thoughts and feelings, developing the skill to accept them as they are without judgement. The benefits of this are profound towards enhancing your health and well being, especially living with Lipoedema.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the M-A-G-I-C. Sandra xxx

 M-A-G-I-C Resilience Workshop

Life today can be very challenging in many ways, especially living with Lipoedema.

This mini workshop is packed with ideas that can help you to increase your personal power, confidence and self esteem to be able to face difficulties with increased strength and courage and bounce back more easily.

To support this, the activities will include a focus on de-cluttering, positive thinking, assertive behaviour and goal setting.

This is a great opportunity to reflect, evaluate and take responsibility to begin to live the life of your choice with respect to your personal situation.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the M-A-G-I-C.  Sandra xxx