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Lipoedema UK are a small team and cannot always respond to individual enquiries.

We appreciate living with Lipoedema is complex and challenging and our mission is to spread awareness of how difficult living with Lipoedema can be and to find long term treatments and cures.

There can be an enormous variation between patients of different ages and at different stages of lipoedema so we always recommend working with your GP to find appropriate clinical services in your area for individual advice and treatments.

To assist patients and GP’s, all members of Lipoedema UK receive a membership pack containing information on resources and appropriate treatments and we constantly update our website with medically approved information. If you do wish to contact us please be advised that we cannot always respond to individual enquiries but where we can we will  pass your enquiry onto the most appropriate person.

Membership, donations and sponsorship are vital for Lipoedema UK to continue our work.