Become an Ambassador for Lipoedema UK

Lipoedema UK Ambassadors are a vital part of our team; attending events, organising events themselves and assisting us to raise awareness of Lipoedema UK.

Are you interested in joining us? Find out what your role would entail and how you can help.

What does the Lipoedema Awareness Ambassador role entail?

You will attend events as part of a team of Lipoedema UK volunteers.  At those events you will give general information about lipoedema and about our charity and work to healthcare professionals. 

You may also organise events in your local area yourself, or participate in events which are attended by the general public as well as healthcare professionals.

What would my role be at an event?

You might help set up our exhibition stand, which can involve laying out chairs, tables, erecting banners, unpacking arranging literature etc and then reversing these at the end of the event.  Our literature should always be packed in boxes of less than 5kg and you should ensure you only lift and move items you feel able to.  If you need any adjustments, assistance or training for this, please inform us in advance so that we can see how we can help.   

During the event you will spend most of your time at the exhibition stand answering questions about lipoedema and offering our literature to people who pass near our stand.  Events can involve a lot of standing or walking, so again please talk to us if this is a concern. 

You will need to be familiar with our publications so that you can use them to answer questions (being very careful to be clear if you are talking about your own experiences rather than more generally about lipoedema) and to provide the most appropriate literature to people to take away.

What else do you need to know about the role?

Attending events will involve some travel and possibly overnight stays where events are further from your home. 

You may need to be able to store some materials (pull-up banner, leaflets, stand decorations etc) either before a specific event or for a while between events.  Also to transport them to events so it helps us to know if you have storage space, access to a car or are otherwise able to transport materials.   You would also need to check them over before/after events and let us know if you need more materials in good time.

You need to be willing for us to share your contact details with other volunteers attending the event, and/or the event organisers, for logistics on the day.  

 After the event you should give us feedback on your experiences and any follow up actions.

 What skills, knowledge and experience do you need to do this role?

  • Passion for raising further awareness of lipoedema with a variety of people
  • Enthusiasm and confidence to engage people in conversation, listen and understand their experiences, level of knowledge and engage with their queries. Be good at listening, not just talking!
  • Ability to clearly describe key issues and the way lipoedema affects people
  • Desire to represent Lipoedema UK, raise awareness of our work and to encourage people to become members or support us further
  • Willingness to be “on message” and consistent with our publications or positions on issues, distinguishing carefully any comments relating to your personal experiences
  • The ability to work in a team with other Lipoedema UK volunteers, balancing your own initiative with taking guidance from more experienced volunteers
  • Ability to manage your own feelings when dealing with questions, to hand over to other volunteers if that is more suitable or refer enquiries on

Click below to sign up to be an ambassador. Once you sign up you will hear from us by email – we will contact you well in advance of our training days and you will be able to ask anything that you need prior to those days.