A huge success!

Click here for a for a full report of the 2016 Lipoedema UK Conferences 

Lipoedema UK’s 2016 conference brought together leading international experts on lipoedema including  an overview of the  types of liposuction suitable for lipoedema and an evaluation of the results. So far most CCG bodies have refused to fund liposuction on the NHS, classifying it as a cosmetic procedure, but results are beginning to show that appropriate liposuction can bring lasting benefits.

Dutch researchers are leading the way in comparing conservative treatments for lipoedema with those for obesity and establishing guidelines for a standard of care, Dr Vaughan Keeley from Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discussed the impact of bariatric surgery and other weight loss methods.

Professor Peter Mortimer and Dr Pia Ostegaard of St Georges University Hospital Trust NHS Foundation Trust, London covered their latest genetic research programme.

Denise Hardy and Julie Cunneen presented the key factors in prescribing compression garments specifically for lipoedema and for post-operative liposuction patients.

The programme included:

  • Professor Dr. Wilfred Schmeller and his team Dr Yvonne Frambach and Dr Axel Baumgartner from the Hanse-klinik Germany presenting their method of tumescent liposuction and it’s long-term results.
  • Mr Alex Munnoch and Miss Anne Dancey on the surgical options they are offering patients in the UK plus Dr Harry Voesten experience of operating on severe cases of lipoedema in the Netherlands. 
  • Catherine Seo on her work with Dr. Mark Smith of The Friedman Centre for Lymphatic Research & Treatment, New York,  the Lipoedema Project and WAL liposuction.
  • Dutch Researchers, Dr Robert Damstra, physiotherapist Axel Hendrickx and Dr Harry Voesten present findings from their study comparing conservative treatments for patients with lipoedema to those with obesity, along with the Dutch Guidelines for the Treatment of Lipoedema.
  • Lipoedema UK’s Nurse Consultant, Denise Hardy on understanding the differing need of compression for lipoedema patients and Julie Cunneen on her experience of pre and post operative compression.
  • Professor Peter Mortimer, Lipoedema UK’s Patron and Dr Pia Ostergaard, Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics at St Georges University will share progress on the latest phase of St George’s genetic research into lipoedema

This conference was a unique opportunity for a professional audience to hear a balanced overview of lipoedema and treatments from leading specialists and to learn about it’s impact on associated conditions.