About Us

Lipoedema UK was founded in 2012 by women with Lipoedema, and the Lymphoedema Service at St George’s Hospital in London.

Our Patrons are the UK’s leading Lipoedema expert, Professor Peter M Mortimer MD. FRCP. Professor of Lympho-vascular and Dermatalogical Medicine to St George’s and Royal Marsden Hospitals and Dr Kristiana Gordon MBBS, MRCP, CLT St George’s Hospital, London.

Our focus is to educate doctors, health professionals and the public about Lipoedema and its symptoms, so it may be diagnosed and treated earlier. 

Because Lipoedema is frequently mistaken for obesity or Lymphoedema, many women don’t get appropriate advice or treatment – a state of affairs we are on a mission to change.

Our belief is that with earlier diagnosis and treatment women can prevent developing further complications and manage their Lipoedema.

We also provide information about Lipoedema to our members and health professionals, report on research findings and commission our own research.

Through our patient surveys and research we generate a new awareness of the condition and vital statistics that improve diagnosis and understanding.

We are working to bring early diagnosis for Lipoedema patients in the UK. We also work with renowned international experts to make a worldwide impact.

We welcome patients,family and friends, Healthcare Professionals, medical students and anyone who wants learn more about lipoedema and support those living with the condition.

If you would like to become a member of Lipoedema UK, to join our regular on line meetings and access to all the other benefits – follow the link JOIN HERE