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Lipoedema UK Big Survey 2014 – Results & Final Report






Abstract: Lipoedema, Diagnosis and Treatment According to the New Dutch Guideline (2014) by A.A. Hendrickx, BHS, Physical Therapist and R.J. Damstra, MD PhD.

Br J Dermatol. 2015; Nov; 1-8  Long-term benefit of liposuction in patients with lipoedema: A follow-up study after an average of 4 and 8 years  Baumgartner A, Hueppe M, Schmeller W.


Research Gate – Conference Paper Long-Term Results of Liposuction in Patients with Lipoedema  Frambach Y, Baumgartner A, Hueppe M, Schmeller W.

British Journal of Community Nursing article May 2015 – Early lipoedema diagnosis and the RCGP e-learning course

British Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2016; April S1-S4 – Specialist Approaches to Managing Lipoedema, Fetzer A.

Chronic Oedema. October 2015; S14-S19: Living with Lipoedema: self-management techniques by Amy Fetzer, Christine Wise

Lipedema and Obesity. What’s the Link? by Karen Herbst, PhD, MD

Lipoedema: the first UK patient survey (British Journal of Community Nursing)

I have lipoedema. So please don’t blame me or call me fat (Nursing Times)

Dr Karen L Herbst, Associate Professor, University of Arizona, presentation on Lipoedema