Membership Benefits

Become a member of Lipoedema UK 

Together we can beat Lipoedema

  • Our membership pack includes a GP Information Pack and extensive selection of leaflets on Lipoedema 
  • Become part of the UK community committed to increasing awareness and knowledge of Lipoedema
  • Play your part in making  better future for everyone with Lipoedema
  • Receive information on events featuring Lipoedema and recent research and developments

UK Membership £25 p.a.

Overseas Membership £30 p.a.

For a limited time only, 2018 Lipoedema membership also includes: 

  • The UK Best Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Lipoedema’
  • Lipedema Foundation’s booklet ‘Lipedema’

Lipoedema UK Membership Pack 2018 includes:

 A Lipoedema UK GP Information Pack,  to help you approach your GP for a diagnosis

Lipoedema  UK leaflets with information on Lipoedema treatments.

Lipoedema UK newsletters with the latest information on treatments and events

Membership for Clinics and Allied Healthcare Professionals

£25 p.a. UK Membership, £35 p.a. Overseas Membership

Lipoedema UK recognise the important role that Healthcare professionals play in treating patients with lipoedema and appreciate your dedication and expertise.  We support clinics and therapists treating patients with lipoedema through our activities, events and publications.  We welcome all Clinics and Healthcare Professionals as members

Professional annual membership benefits include:

  • An unlimited  supply of  leaflets for your patients
  • A copy of ‘UK Best Practice Guidelines for The Management of Lipoedema.
  • Lipoedema UK email newsletters with latest information treatments and events
  • Information on Lipoedema UK events featuring medical experts
    Lipoedema UK are affiliated with the British Journal of Nursing  Nurse of the Year – Chronic Oedema Award 2018 (

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If you prefer to make a payment by cheque please send your details including, name, address, email details if you have one or phone number to:

Lipoedema UK, Foxfield House, Chichester Road, West Wittering, Chichester, P028QB

If you would like to make a BACS payment please contact for details.

Here are some of Lipoedema UK’s recent and ongoing activities:

  • Lipoedema UK sponsorship of the Royal College of GPs  E-learning course on lipoedema
  • Producing and distributing free leaflets for Lymphoedema Clinics and Allied Health Care Professionals (AHCP).
  • Representing patients at major UK Primary Health conferences
  • Raising the profile of the lipoedema with nurses through BJN Chronic Oedema Nurse of Year Award
  • Collaborating with St Georges Hospital Trust, London on their genetic research programme
  • Authoring and advising on articles for publication in the press and medical journals
  • Helping sufferers learn how to exercise and stay healthy
  • Hosted a major international conference on Liposuction for Lipoedema for 300+ people
  • Collaborating internationally with surgeons and health care professionals all across the world.
  • Encouraging research and better treatments to find a cure
  • Regular member’s newsletters with updates on news and events

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