Lipoedema UK’s Big Survey

Lipoedema UK Big Survey 2014 Research Report is here!

In 2014 we asked you to tell us about your experiences with lipoedema. We are pleased to say that the Research Report is now available.

Because lipoedema is so frequently under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed, little is known about how it affects women who have the condition and how efficiently they are diagnosed and treated.

The results of our year long online survey give a clear picture of what living with lipoedema is like for women in the UK. The results reveal that along with the pain and discomfort caused by lipoedema, many simple tasks that other people regard as straightforward become extremely challenging for people with lipoedema.

Lipoedema UK’s Big Survey 2014 has already led to the development of the Royal College of GPs’ e-learning course and will continue to raise awareness of the condition, get more women diagnosed, and help lobby for better treatments and more research into effective long-term treatments.

Our survey was created by Lipoedema UK the Lymphoedema Department at St George’s Hospital, London, and with the support of the Lymphoedema Support Network.

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences and told us about their journey.

Click on the image below to access and download the full report.