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Lipoedema UK is the UK’s first charity for a medical condition called Lipoedema, also spelt Lipedema (in the USA).

Do you suffer from the following?

– Excess weight on your legs

– Heaviness and discomfort of the legs

– Your upper body and lower body are completely different sizes making clothes shopping very difficult

– You have a small waist, but large hips and thighs

– Your excess weight does not include your feet or hands

– You can lose weight from your upper body but not your lower

– Your lower body bruises easily

Then you may be suffering from Lipoedema.

Lipoedema is is a condition that makes you accumulate  fat below the waist, often giving you hips, buttocks and legs that are out of proportion with your upper body. It can also affect your arms.

78% of Lipoedema sufferers questioned in our survey (Lipoedema UK Big Survey 2014) stated that they developed symptoms between the ages of 18-25 but only 7% received a diagnosis.  Many people take decades to realise that they have Lipoedema and are been told over the years that the excess fat ‘Is their own fault’.

It is believed that 11% of the female population suffer from Lipoedema.

(Foldi F, Foldi M 2006 ‘ Lipoedema’)

One of the most frustrating things about lipoedema is that many doctors aren’t aware of the condition making it difficult to get a diagnosis.

Lipoedema UK’s mission is educate to all doctors and healthcare professionals  to recognise lipoedema in the early stages,  to ensure that everyone with lipoedema has access to appropriate advice and quality care.

We encourage research into  treatments and to find a cure for LIpoedema.

Please support Lipoedema UK and help us achieve our aims.

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For more information email:  raise75@lipoedema.co.uk or go to:  www.justgiving.com/lipoedemauk to start your own fundraising.




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